Value Proposition Canvas

Describe the fit between what you make and why people buy it

Value proposition canvas describes the fit between what you make and why people buy it

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What's it about?

When you’re starting a new project or a new company you need quick and dirty tools to help you focus on executing things faster and better. Good strategy tools exist only to help you focus on getting the right things done. The value proposition canvas is a simple tool that quickly gets you to the ‘minimum viable clarity’ required to start building and testing. The value proposition sits at the pivot point of the entire business model. Mapping the business model of a new product or service is one of the most important parts of building a business strategy. Strategy frameworks have traditionally been the domain of MBAs but they are so important that these days the tools have been democratised for use by entrepreneurs, designers and technical teams.

Who should use it?

Entrepreneurs, designers and technical teams should use value proposition canvas.

Who made it?

Peter J Thomson

Peter is a Digital Brand Strategist specialising in social media for technology companies. I started out as a corporate lawyer before moving into management consulting, brand strategy and now social media. I bring a common sense and practical approach to marketing and design. I’m currently working at SeedInvest in New York helping startups promote their equity crowdfunding campaigns to investors.

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