The Personal Business Model Canvas

Develop a dynamic view of personal career strategy and vision

The Personal Business Model Canvas, presented in the bestseller Business Model You, works for describing & reinventing your own business model. This personal development tool helps you assess/boost your career path. Instead of writing a typical descriptive resume, the canvas helps to understand how other people perceive their value. Moreover it can help people trying to give a new orientation to their career to identify opportunities.

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What is it about?

The Personal Business Model Canvas is derived from the Business Model  You, a professional development tool, and the name of the international best-seller written by Tim Clark, in collaboration with Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. It is based on Alex and Yves’ original work on business model innovation. In essence, it helps people define their own business model, just as if they were themselves a business. It helps to replace career confusion with career confidence, whether you want to improve in your current position, change jobs, or start your own enterprise.

Who should use it

The Personal Business Model is built for those who are interested in reinventing their career, and learn how to use design thinking and entrepreneurship principles to change how to work best. It is ideal for mid-career professionals.

Who made it?

Timothy Clark

Dr. Clark is an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship trainer, teacher, and author who leads the global personal business model movement. He completed research in international business model portability and authored or edited bestsellers.

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