The MELT Frame Canvas

Strategically combine the material and immaterial worlds in a very simple and unique way

The MELT Frame is a strategy building tool that helps innovators and strategists to find new ways to combine material and immaterial elements as a "melt," and explore new ecosystem opportunities, roles, and resources.

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What's it about?

The MELT Frame canvas focuses on the development of creative competencies and visual thinking for strategy and innovation. It is designed to inspire, visualize and facilitate strategy creation, innovation through serendipity, and the amplification of immaterial elements to reshape the new material ecosystems.


Who should use it

The MELT Frame Canvas is for strategy creators and visual communicators interested in exploring and managing creative, new ideas and paths to innovation.


Who made it?

Miikka Leinonen

The MELT Frame canvas is created by Miikka Leinonen, MELT master, visual strategist, author and keynote speaker. “I have created a visual ‘MELT Frame’ explaining how our world is changing; how we are moving from the world of scarcity to the world of abundance. That Frame can now be used to innovate and create never-before-seen strategies".

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