The Digital Marketing Canvas

Develop a strategy to accelerate business growth

The Digital Marketing Canvas is a practical guide and co-creation tool to develop an inclusive marketing strategy to accelerate business growth. It helps organizations to systematically incorporate marketing fundamentals and online customer lifecycles to articulate their value proposition with marketing tactics and digital technologies.

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What's it about?

The DMC is a versatile marketing tool apt for startups and  the well established companies to develop their process from brainstorming to digital market strategy. It serves as an extension to the company's business and marketing strategy formulation and go-to-market tactics for accelerated growth.

Who should use it?

Best suited for all stakeholders' participation, and C-level managers, analysts, and creative thinkers interested in exploring and formulating marketing strategy, dependencies and tactics for the new consumer communication challenges and opportunities in digital markets.


Who made it?

Jeremy Corman

Jeremy Corman Starting out in the startups world of Los Angeles, Jeremy came back to co-create Café Numérique (a growing tech community in many cities such as Brussels, Paris, New York City, London, Kinshasa,...) and the web agency The Bocal. For 5 years, he has been focusing mainly on developing growth strategies for early-stage projects (eg.: Auctelia, Lampiris,...).

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