The COCD (2x2) Box

Select the best of your original ideas for implementation while diminishing risk.

COCD Box is a handy convergence based idea selection tool that helps to identify and prioritize the most promising original ideas which carry the least risk for loss. Its protective approach guides idea generators to explore and evaluate with ease of implementation, and innovation in mind rather than work with only “legacy” or “known solutions.”

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What's it about?

COCD Box is all about thinking "Out-of-the-Box" and fostering originality. It helps to diminish the behaviors and decisions associated with legacy habits and complacency influencing future decision making. It homes in on patterns of success and voids fears associated with unknowns. It boosts creative thinking, briefing of the problems in to short statements, and reformulating the problem from the point of ease of implementation and the reduction of risk. Ideas are then purged, weighted and prioritized as feasible normal ideas; feasible original ideas; original ideas for the future (currently infeasible); and junk infeasible ideas. COCD Box has a passionate fellowship with applied creativity, and is supported by users who are convinced of the positive force and the need for originality.  Typically, users are encouraged to think about unfeasible ideas, aspirations or possibilities to generate several original ideas before engaging in the selection process. Once selected, ideas are placed in the right quadrant of the COCD Box, the users can then explore and experiment with ideas individually or as a group.

Who should use it

Best suited for product/service managers, creative thinkers interested in concept building and exploring the benefits and associated risks of loss from the implementation of a select set of 20-40 promising original ideas.

Who made it?


The Center of Development of Creative Thinking: The COCD (2x2) Box is built by the Center of Development of Creative Thinking, a non-profit organization advocating applied creativity since 1977. The COCD Box itself, is derived from the work of Mark Raison on idea generation and selection. The Center is focused on shaping, enriching and qualifying originality and creativity in the thinking experience and its application to different areas of life. It also serves as a knowledge platform with experience sharing and networking. It offers rich resources, new tools, techniques, inventions, and the latest designthinking theses  and updates from its alumni community.

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