The Business Model Creation Canvas

Create a livelier Business Model in color

Color-coding is a powerful way to add a new dimension of information to your Business Model. The BMC is a practical guide that uses color as cues to help energize, navigate and optimize business model creation for the enterprise.

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What's it about?

Each block of the BMC has been dressed in a different colour to make it livelier. This choice was guided by the following considerations:

First, in the lower part dedicated to capturing value, the block "revenue streams" was coated with green and the block "cost structure" with red. These colour codes seemed easy to remember. Green light if revenues exceed costs, red light if it's the opposite!

On the right-hand side of the canvas, the block "value propositions" is deep blue, because it is the colour of seriousness and it inspires confidence. The block "customer relationships" is pink, to represent the company’s passion towards its customer. The block "customer segments" is purple, to remind you that the segment is not only made of customers but also of leads which are exposed to your competitors’ offer. Purple, looks like pink, but not quite ... Finally, the block "Channels" is blue sky, symbolizing communications and transport by air and sea...

On the left-hand side of the canvas, the block "key activities" is coloured in maroon to evoke the brown colour of the earth, and by extension, work. "Key resources" are golden yellow, because your resources are worth gold; you should not forget to well protect them. Finally, the block dedicated to "key partners" is orange, because they are there to inject vitamin C and dynamism in your business.

Who should use it

The BMC is best suited for startup to seasoned entrepreneurs, strategists, managers, and consultants working to develop and test new lean business models, strategies, and startup spin offs.

Who made it?

Sophie Racquez

The BMC is made by Sophie Racquez, management consultant, owner of the Idea Monopoly &  author of  Non-technological Innovation: How to Innovate cheaply? And, Innovation Creative. She gives the highest value to those practitioners who are wanting keys to easy and affordable innovation. Sophie also deals with creativity, marketing and guides to the lean innovation path.

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