Speed Car - Abyss Retrospective

A forward thinking exercise with an eye on the past

Bring the team together towards one common goal

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What's it about?

Made by Paul Caroli, this is a mix of retrospective and futurespective. Paul found it useful in occasions where the team came together for a one-off retrospective (i.e. not at the end of an iteration or release). It helps bring the team together towards one common goal, which might not be very clear for all team members.

Activity Instructions:

1. Looking at the figure, write notes and place them on the following picture areas: Engine, Parachute, Abysm, Bridge (10 minutes total)

2. Read and group notes per area (5 minutes)

3. Discussion and action planning for each activity area. Recommended: Engine, and Parachute 10 minutes; Abysm, and Bridge, (15 minutes)

Who made it?

Paulo Caroli

Paulo Caroli has been facilitating retrospectives since 2006, when he joined Thoughtworks. He becameknown as a facilitator in Thoughtworks India (2007 – 2009) and later in Thoughtworks Brazil (2010 – Today), being invited to facilitate numerous retrospectives for a variety of teams. He has been writing, organizing and sharing activities that provided good results since then.

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