Ripple Effect Canvas

Great way to visualize the impact of a decision or an idea over different models.

What happens when you throw a stone in a pond? You see ripples. Same with a new idea, or a new concept or a decision or an event. They can cause ripples across time (Now, Next, Later), Organizations (Team, Division, Organization), or even in society (Individual, Community, Global).

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What's it about?

What is the impact of autonomous driving vehicles? A good way to frame that conversation is to think of the ripple effect of the autonomous driving vehicles on individuals, local communities and across the globe in three different concentric circles. 

What happens when you introduce a new expense policy in the workplace? How it impacts the teams, the divisions, and then the broader organization.

What is the impact of a new product launch on the local market? You can use this model to think of the ripple effect over a span of time - Now, Next and Later over three different concentric circles.

Who should use it?

‍Any one trying to understand the impact of a decision.

Who made it?

Anupam Kundu

Anupam (aka AK) has a portfolio of successful and strategic leadership experience with well-known brands (large and upstarts), both in for-profit and social-profit sectors creating top line growth and employee engagement. AK brings in strong focus in identifying common threads across disparate verticals and complicated portfolios both for-profits and social profit businesses; consistently uses interdisciplinary change consulting to co-craft, and accelerate new services lines.  Additionally, AK co-founded Barkloudly (barkmatch, barkbyte, doggybag) to delight dog parents and dog lovers. 

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