Partnership Canvas

Shape and deliver effective partnerships

Use this template to shape and deliver effective partnerships. The Partnership Canvas is a two stage process that pulls out the key issues for negotiation and effective development of partnerships. It achieves this up looking at the needs of both parties.

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What's it about?

The Partnership Canvas can be readily integrated into the Business Model Canvas, it is about addressing the larger box on the left side of the canvas. The work that feed into the canvas was undertaken by Gene Slowinski and Matthew Sagal and is detailed in their book, ‘The Strongest Link’.

The aim is to ensure there is agreement from both sides to the partnership and the action required to implement it. To achieve this there has to be alignment between the company’s strategy and the partner’s. This needs to be based upon an agreed document that covers the needs and expectations of both parties – this is Stage 1. When thinking about this each partner’s needs it is important to review this from BOTH sides. This is best achieved by placing yourself in the shoes of the proposed partner after you have complete the canvas from your own perspective. Using both canvases you are ready to talk to the proposed partner.

Stage 1 is designed to achieve fit. At the end of this process the parties should have enough understanding that yes there is a strategic fit and so advance to Stage 2.

Who made it?

Mark Copsey

The Partnership Canvas was developed by Mark Copsey, with David Andrews and Mark Lloyd of UK-based RedKite Innovations Limited.  RedKite are a business training and consultancy business - It was designed to work alongside the Business Model Canvas to be a second step after the BM Canvas to flesh out the detail in the 'Partner' box on the left-hand side.

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