Happy Startup Canvas

What's your startup's DNA?

The Happy Startup Canvas is a foundation building visual tool to be used as the initial assembly and conversation point for making the DNA of your organization. The name says it all: Start a business from scratch that creates and engages all stakeholders within the context of business awareness and social outreach.

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What's it about?

Too much of the startup world focuses on the legalities, mechanics and actions of starting a new business. Whilst it’s good to move fast and stay lean, it’s time we made our businesses more human and in the process give them a better chance of survival and scale up. The Happy Startup Canvas is meant to be a starting point for creating the DNA of your robust organization. It is a simple, rapid-planning tool, specifically focused on building a sustainable business plus social impact enterprise. Inspired by the Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, and Culture Canvas, here you define who you are and what you stand for before worrying about everything else.

Who should use it?

McCahill’s Happy Startup canvas is an important fire-starter tool for entrepreneurs and founders who are ready to plan out their business fundamentals from the get-go.

Who made it?

Laurence McCahill

Laurence McCahill is a man on a mission to bring more social impact meaning to entrepreneurship. He’s the brains behind The Happy Startup School, a movement that is helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realize their dreams, those that place purpose and people before profits.

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