MVP / Experiment Canvas

Great tool to capture details of an experiment run by any team while planning for any kind of MVP implementation.

There are so many things to forget when you run an experiment. How best to capture the necessary elements in one place. Great visual tool for the team and the senior management. Just put each experiment canvas on the wall.

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What's it about?

Running an experiment is hard. Sharing visibility for an experiment is harder. Diffeent people want to see different aspects of the experiment. How best to capture experiment background, assumptions, results, insights, operational data in one canvas? Use this for running your experiments. Create this canvas on a easel pad or large butcher block paper and put up on the wall as an information radiator.

Who should use it?

‍Any team trying to run and document their experiments for a MVP in a credible and accountable way.

Who made it?

Anupam Kundu

Anupam (aka AK) has a portfolio of successful and strategic leadership experience with well-known brands (large and upstarts), both in for-profit and social-profit sectors creating top line growth and employee engagement. AK brings in strong focus in identifying common threads across disparate verticals and complicated portfolios both for-profits and social profit businesses; consistently uses interdisciplinary change consulting to co-craft, and accelerate new services lines.  Additionally, AK co-founded Barkloudly (barkmatch, barkbyte, doggybag) to delight dog parents and dog lovers. 

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