Customer Journey Mapping

See the world and your company through the eyes of your customers

The Customer Journey Mapping builds empathy and fosters continuous proactivity to get rich and qualitative information about why your customers do what they do; how they experience interacting with organisations through the different touch points, and how you can help them better reach their goals?

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What's it about?

The Customer Journey Mapping focuses on the customer's psychometric-emotional status related to a specific persona and contextual stream. It helps build customer-experience empathy and organizational capability to track and tune-up the customer experience into customer success.The Customer Journey Mapping uses due diligence and sensitive consideration to design, implement and manage the customer experience in a disciplined way; all in the process of giving customers (internal and external) a better chance of product and service delight.  

Who should use it?

If customer experience is a key differentiator for your competitive business, then the Customer Journey Mapping is for you. You can improve both customer loyalty and satisfaction by creating consistently positive end-to-end experiences for different customer-personas.

Who made it?

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