Cover Story Vision

Envision what is attainable

Cover Story allows you to dream of the improbable, which could lead to envisioning what is attainable. By freeing yourself from all restraints, you can release your imagination and think big in order to realize what direction your company should move toward.

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What's it about?

One of the most effective techniques to recognizing common dreams people have for your company is to ignore all limits and imagine what “could be.” With The Grove’s Cover Story game, players can unleash their visions for the company and sprint toward success. During this creative activity, participants imagine a future accomplishment of the company so spectacular that it gets published on the front page of a newspaper. Cover Story uncovers shared goals and can lead to realizing true possibilities that were once unimaginable.

Who made it?

Grove Tools

Grove Tools, Inc designs visually based tools and services that enable organizations, teams and individuals to successfully visualize and implement innovation and creative approach to the perennial challenges of engaging people and organizations around a vision.

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