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We welcome publication and placement requests from creators and contributors to the democratization and “fair use” of visual design, innovation, strategy, and collaboratory tools and models.
These resources will get you and a community of gamestormers-brianstormers started, whether just seeking general knowledge, experimental insights, or a more in-depth understanding of visual design topics.

We look forward to facilitating, guiding, and answering any of your questions as you embark on your visual learning and augmentation journey.

We advocate the open-source movement that allows content to be re-used  -- as long as we all follow the rules.

You may request the removal of an unauthorized use of your creative work. 

Report Violation
You may request the reinstatement of a tool or model that was incorrectly removed from the site  for copyright infringement. 
You may cancel, or retract, a removal request that you or your company submitted to The Toolkit Project. 

You may contest a content origination claim on the site that you believe is wrong.

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