Denise Withers

‍The Story Canvas was created by Denise Withers - an award-winning storyteller, innovator and educator with 35 years experience helping leaders use story to move people, on purpose. Denise is the founder of the nlab, an innovation lab for leaders that’s powered by story. Prior to launching nlab, she worked for 20 years as a documentary filmmaker, primarily for Discovery Channel. Over the last three decades her body of work has cut across sectors, industries and issues - from the first GMOs, to Inuit suicide prevention, to PTSD in the armed forces, to life in space. As one of Canada’s innovation leaders, Denise is co-founder of the for strategic design at the University of British Columbia, and an on-going contributor to the Stanford Social Innovation Review (online edition). As a scholar, she holds an MSc. in Interactive Arts & Technology, and published the world’s first guidelines on engagement design for her thesis. In addition to her client design work, Denise teaches narrative, engagement and innovation for organizations across North America, including the THNK School of Creative Leadership.

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